Gorg Commander
Gorg Commander (in his armor)
Some attributes
First Gorg Commander
Second The Taker (false)
Third The Enemy (false)
Other attributes
Fourth The Gorg
Fifth Gorg Father (true)
The Gorg Commander, also known as the Gorg Father, is a major character in the 2015 film, Home. He is also a false antagonist and is voiced by Brian Stepanek. He was introduced as the main antagonist, but this was a mis-information campaign made to hide the film's true main antagonist.

Role Edit

The Gorg Commander was mentioned earlier in the film, but was seen in a flashback with Captain Smek escaping from him and stealing his egg.

The Gorg Commander appears later on seeing the invitation that Oh sent, but it gets cancelled.

Later on, he then tries to destroy the Boov Mothership until Oh put in a Gorg Superchip, and the Gorg Commander fails.

He then tries to break apart Earth using the Gorg Mothership. However, Oh stops him by showing the egg that Smek stole from him earlier, and the Gorg Commander reveals his true good nature, and reveals that he is actually a small, starfish-like creature by coming out of his armor.

Apparently, the Gorg Commander did not come to Earth because of Oh's invitation, but rather because he was tracking the egg, as it had a homing beacon in which he tracked and followed the Boov with. In all this time, the only thing he wanted was the egg that Smek stole from him, and it also turns out that he was the last Gorg in his species.

At the end of the film, he dances with his newly hatched children, as well as returning to Earth for Oh's party, which he would have if the invitation had reached him.

Trivia Edit

  • It is unknown why his race was wiped out and why he was the only survivor.

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